Prudhoe Methodist Church Organ

This organ has been digitally sampled by Mark Beverley

Mark says: "The Prudhoe Methodist Church Organ sample set, is a free 9 speaking stop organ I made for Hauptwerk. It was done mainly as an experiment; it isn't perfect but nevertheless hopefully enjoyable to play. If you have any questions or want to donate some money (half of which will go to the church), then please feel free to email me at"

Hauptwerk 3 version by Bob Collins

The organ specification:

The organ's compass is 56/30
Pedal: Great: Swell:
Bourdon 16' Open Diapason 8' Lieblich Gedackt 8'
  Hohl Flute 8' Viol D'orchestra 8'  (A)
Great to Pedal Coupler Dulciana 8' Gemshorn 4'
Swell to Pedal Coupler Principal 4' Flautina 2'
  Swell to Great Coupler Swell Tremulant
A: First octave of the Viol D'orchestra rank borrows notes from the Lieblich Gedackt

MP3 sample files can be found here:

The organ is made available free for users of Hauptwerk version 3.

To download your copy click here.


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